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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YH?

Is a two letter word that has the ability to turn the whole conversation to a boring one word convo, when you send a "yh" to someone, that person might most lightly not reply because of how boring you are, you can also send this if you want to get rid of a convo, but DO NOT use this if you want a conversation to go on for a while.

Who is yh&gs?

YH&GS,having more than 34 years of working experiences in all kinds of bags and backpacks, and with a wide range of sales net exporting to 68 countries of Europe, America and Asia, etc, which brings us more than 100 milliones of fans all over the world . YH&GS is no doubt the expert of bags and backpacks.

What does YH mean in Janie and Joey?

Here, Janie uses YH to tell Joey he is correct about the homework. Overall, the acronym YH mean “yes,” “yeah,” or any other affirmative reply. Sometimes this is used sarcastically, but that is more common with its variant YHYH.

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