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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Bankhead Tunnel in Mobile Alabama?

January 25, 1977. The Bankhead Tunnel, formally the John H. Bankhead Tunnel, is a road tunnel in Mobile, Alabama that carries Government Street under the Mobile River from Blakeley Island to the downtown Mobile business district.

When was the Mobile River Tunnel built?

It, like the larger George Wallace Tunnel (built 1969-1973) a few blocks downriver from it, was constructed in Mobile at the shipyards of the Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company (ADDSCO), from 1938-1940.

What is the name of the tunnel that crosses Mobile Bay?

On the eastern end, over Blakeley Island, the George C. Wallace Tunnel again slopes upward becoming the elevated spans of I-10, which cross Mobile Bay eastward, along the twin bridges of the curved I-10 Jubilee Parkway.

Is there a traffic jam on Interstate 10 in Alabama?

A Traffic Jam along Interstate 10 in Mobile, Alabama going under the Bay in the tunnel and then across the bridge. The George Wallace Tunnel is a pair of road tunnels that carry Interstate 10 in Mobile, Alabama from the city's downtown, beneath the Mobile River, and emerge on Blakeley Island where they join the Jubilee Parkway over Mobile Bay.[1]

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