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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my Metro PCS?

By phone: You can pay your MetroPCS bill by calling the customer service department at 1-888-863-8768. You are charged a nominal fee for making a bill payment over the phone. By mail: Send your bill payment to the address listed in your monthly bill.

How do you pay your bill on Metro PCS?

A credit or debit card, along with an Internet connection, is all you need to pay your monthly bill manually on MetroPCS' website. Simply visit the "Make a Payment" page on the carrier's website, enter your phone number, proceed to the next page and enter your credit card details before finalizing the transaction.

How do you pay your MetroPCS Bill?

How do I make a Payment? Online - Auto Pay - No Charge. ... Through the Mail - No Charge. ... In Person - Drop Box - No Charge. ... Payment Options - Table Overview: Set up an Auto Pay by contacting Metro Customer Service. ... Frequently Asked Questions: When are payments due? ...

Does MetroPCS do payment plans for their phones?

Recently, they have started offering their customers financing programs that allow them to pay off cell phone purchases over time. Both carriers work with Progressive Financing, and MetroPCS also cooperates with BillFloat, to help offer customers low upfront payments on otherwise expensive smartphones. The financing mechanism is very simple.

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