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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of metanoia?

Definition of metanoia. : a transformative change of heart especially : a spiritual conversion.

Why Metanoia Catholic's journal?

Metanoia Catholic’s journal provides the structure and insight to jump start spiritual transformation.” “If I had learned some of the techniques taught by Metanoia Catholic in my early twenties, I might have avoided my own dark years of depression and anxiety.”

Is “conversion” the best English word for Metanoia?

In summary, Abid believes that “conversion” (rather than “repentance”) is the best English word to express the meaning of the Greek metanoia/μετάνοια. The term "...was used consistently in the literature of that time to express a fundamental change in thinking that leads to a fundamental change in behavior and/or way of living".

What is metmetanoia Catholic?

Metanoia Catholic is a mindset coaching program integrated with the teachings of the Catholic Faith, helping people discover their unique call to a thriving and sanctifying life.

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