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Frequently Asked Questions

What is master data governance?

A unified, trusted view of your business enables you to work more efficiently and make better decisions. The SAP Master Data Governance application helps you pull together master data and manage it centrally using a master data management layer based on SAP Business Technology Platform. What are analysts saying?

What's new in SAP Master Data Governance Cloud Edition?

What's New in SAP Master Data Governance, Cloud Edition provides delta information on all new, changed, and deleted features of this product. This section contains the product page and the application help for SAP Master Data Governance based on SAP ERP, where MDG is delivered as an add-on to the underlying SAP ERP enhancement package.

What is mdg10e course?

This course is also available in a self-paced e-learning format with an active subscription to the SAP Learning Hub, as MDG10E. This course provides you the business knowledge you need to use SAP Master Data Governance to ensure ongoing master data quality. This course comes with practical hands-ons to deepen the theoretical lessons.

What are the three pillars of MDM?

The three key pillars to effective MDM include: data consolidation, data governance, and data quality management. The purpose of master data integration is to distribute master data to enable a harmonized view of master data across all applications. Master data integration allows for end-to-end process integration across the enterprise.

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