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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Matautu in Samoa?

Matautu, a village located on the central north coast of the island to the east of the capital Apia. Apia Harbor, the country's main port is located in Matautu. The village has been subdivided into two parts. Matautu-tai (coastal) and Matautu-uta (inland).

Where is Apia port located?

Apia Port is located at: 13°49.66’S / 171°45.65’W The Apia International Port is located at Matautu; a village to the east of the capital of Apia and it’s the main seaport gateway for Samoa accounting for nearly 100% of international freight movements. The port is a natural monopoly, with a total length of 302m.

What is the significance of Matautu district?

According to oral history, Matautu is the district which takes the lead in the attack during war. Matautu is also said to have been settled by Fijians[3]or people from a place called Fiti. References[edit] ^Tuvale, Te'o.

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