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Frequently Asked Questions

Who actually owns MasterCard?

Who owns Mastercard? Mastercard (NYSE: MA) is owned by 73.91% institutional shareholders, 11.11% Mastercard insiders, and 14.98% retail investors. Foundation Mastercard is the largest individual Mastercard shareholder, owning 107.98M shares representing 10.90% of the company.

How do you contact MasterCard?

Contact the MasterCard customer service. Use your phone to dial the MasterCard customer service number, (800) 622-7747 or (800) 627-8372. Follow the answering service prompts. Choose your language to listen to the MasterCard customer service menu. Talk to the MasterCard representative.

What banks issue MasterCard?

Banks issue credit cards through major issuing agencies such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Occasionally, a bank may adjust its partnerships and reissue cards bearing new account numbers and the logo of a new certifying partner.

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