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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you completely remove Microsoft Office?

Uninstall Microsoft Office from your Windows 10/8/7 PC Step 1: Head over to this page of Office support. Step 2: Run the utility. Step 3: When you see the following screen with “Completely remove all Office apps and settings from your PC”, click Yes button to begin uninstalling Office product from your PC.

How do you restore Microsoft Office?

Here's how to restore lost files in Microsoft Office: 1. Open Word, Excel or PowerPoint to a blank document and click File. 2. Click Info on the left rail. 3. Click Manage Document. In Excel and Powerpoint, "Workbook" and "Presentation" are used instead of "Document" in this step or the next step. 4. Click "Recover Unsaved Documents.".

How do you uninstall open office?

Click Uninstall and then continue to remove OpenOffice. Using the Add/Remove Program does not fully uninstall OpenOffice. Oftentimes, you still need to find and clean out the left-over files as well. After locating the files, click the folder and hit the “SHIFT + DELETE” keys on your keyboards.

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