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Frequently Asked Questions

What does manually mean?

Manually is defined as something done by hand or using your physical labor as opposed to something done using a machine. When you mix your cookies by hand instead of using a mixer, this is an example of mixing manually.

What is a synonym for manually?

Synonyms for Manual: adj. •manual (adjective) human, hand-operated, standard, not automatic, physical. n. • old fashioned, standard, not automatic. Other synonyms: • keyboard, bible, text. •guide guidebook.

How do you spell manual?

The Correct spelling is: manual. Common misspellings of the word manual are: manual in french. manual in spanish. manual in german. manual in italian.

What does manual mean?

manual (noun) a small handbook. manual of arms, manual (adj) (military) a prescribed drill in handling a rifle. manual (adj) of or relating to the hands. "manual dexterity". manual (adj) requiring human effort.

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