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Who was the man who was released from prison?

A Chicago man has been released from prison this week — nearly 10 years after his twin brother confessed to the murder. Kevin Dugar broke down into tears as he was released from Cook County Jail on Tuesday night, NBC News reports.

What did safer say when he was released from prison?

"The judge granted his release pending trial on a signature bond and he walked out into the open air and breathed his first breaths as a free man in almost 20 years," Safer said. "It was gratifying to watch his tears roll down his cheeks and their cheeks before (their tears) froze on their faces because it was about 7 below."

Did Adnan Syed get out of prison?

“Serial” returned early Tuesday with a new, 13th episode to cap its first season about his case, called simply, ‘ADNAN IS OUT.” “Serial” rush-produced an episode of the record-breaking podcast after surprise release. “Adnan Syed got out of prison yesterday.

What happened to John Hawkins after 20 years in prison?

LOS ANGELES ( — A Southern California man released from prison after 20 years is using his second chance to counsel teens, hoping to steer them away from a path he wishes he never traveled. KCAL9's Leyna Nguyen spoke with John Hawkins, who by 25 has established himself as a successful entrepreneur with a flourishing business.

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