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What happens in Chapter 14 of to kill a Mockingbird?

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter 14 Summary & Analysis. Jem's decision to tell Atticus that Dill is hiding under Scout's bed marks a break with childhood. Jem used to lie to hide his and the other kid's antics from Atticus. Atticus tells Miss Rachel Haverford where Dill is, but lets Dill spend the night.

What are the key events in Chapter 14?

Chapter 14. The key events in this chapter is dill is allowed to stay in maycomb county, also atticus case is coming up and major drama revolving that is occurring. Atticus is threatened by a group of men however the children come to his aid and get him away.

What does Jem tell scout about Alexandra and Atticus?

Later, Jem tells Scout that Alexandra and Atticus have been arguing about the trial; she nearly accused him of bringing disgrace on the family. The following evening, Atticus takes the car into town. At about ten o’clock, Jem, accompanied by Scout and Dill, sneaks out of the house and follows his father to the town center.

What is the summary of Chapter 15?

Summary: Chapter 15. A group of men gets out, and one demands that Atticus move away from the jailhouse door. Atticus refuses, and Scout suddenly comes racing out of her hiding place next door, only to realize that this group of men differs from the group that came to their house the previous night.

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