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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my iCloud Mail?

On Iphone,go to Settings- Icloud and make sure that email is checked off. On MAC, enter iCloud on your web browser and then enter your Apple credentials, You will be able to access all icloud accounts including email.

How do you check your iCloud Mail?

How to Check the iCloud Mail Status for Issues. Open iCloud's System Status page. Locate iCloud Mail from the list. If the circle next to it is green, then Apple is reporting that iCloud Mail is running normally from their end and should be fully available for you.

How do you create an email on iCloud?

Steps to iCloud Sign-Up Open ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or Mac. Scroll down and tap on the option ‘iCloud’. At the bottom of the sign in page, there is ‘Create a new Apple ID’ option. Tap on that link. Enter your date of birth and full name. Select the option ‘Get a free iCloud email address’. Create the username you want.

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