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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a magnetometer display the magnetic field?

The magnetometer we are building displays the magnetic field at the location of the sensors as an arrow on the display. What is a Hall effect sensor, and how does it work? A Hall effect sensor is a small, inexpensive device that measures the strength of the magnetic field along a particular direction.

What is the dtfm100s magnetometer?

The DTFM100S is designed to be […] Billingsley Aerospace & Defense is very proud to introduce a 32-bit Digital Fluxgate Magnetometer. Key Features: Fast, > 62k Samples per second.

What are the limitations of a magnetometer?

Magnetic field is a function of position, so it is different at every point in space. This device uses three sensors, one to measure the x, the y, and the z component of the magnetic field at a point. The sensors are near to each other but not at a single point, and this limits the magnetometer resolution.

How does the magnetometer kit work?

The magnetometer kit electronics board is pre-assembled and also tested. The board includes an LCD that monitors each sensor readings with +/- polarity signs and numerical values, has a battery status meter and a timer for the initial sensor balancing. The audio signal is a precise VCO with frequency output range 0-3000 Hz through a speaker.

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