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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2021 Illinois state unemployment rates and taxes?

The 2021 Illinois state unemployment insurance (SUI) experience-rated tax rates will range from 0.675% to 6.875%, an increase of 0.5% from the range of 0.625% to 6.825% for 2020. The SUI taxable wage base also increases to $12,960 for 2021, up from $12,740 for 2020. ( Illinois Department of Employment Security website.)

Who pays for unemployment benefits in Illinois?

Employers who are subject to the Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act supply the funds IDES uses to pay benefits to the unemployed.

What is unemployment tax and how does it work?

State unemployment tax is a percentage of an employee’s wages. Each state sets a different range of tax rates. Your tax rate might be based on factors like your industry, how many former employees received unemployment benefits, and experience.

What is a non-profit employer liable for in Illinois?

Non-profit organizations are liable for the year when they have employed four or more persons during each of 20 weeks in a given calendar year. Local governmental organizations are liable if they pay wages. With MyTax Illinois you can file your monthly or quarterly wage report using this secure online application.

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