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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do Universal Studios tickets cost in Hollywood?

How Much Does The Universal Studios Hollywood Express Pass Cost ? Ticket prices range from $179 to $279 for express pass tickets . This covers the base price for an off-season ticket up to the 2-day express pass ticket in the peak season.

What day will Universal Studios open?

Theme Park Universal Studios Hollywood is open all throughout a week. In general, Universal Studios Hollywood starts late in the morning and closes early in the evening. The Following Schedule differs only if a Holiday Comes in between Weekdays.

What are the wait times at Universal Studios?

Universal Orlando wait times based on crowd levels. Before you look at the numbers, please keep these two things in mind: During the middle of the day… wait times will always be longest. It doesn’t matter if it is a busy day or a slow day – if you are trying to ride Forbidden Journey at 12:00pm, you’ll likely hit the longest lines of the day.

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