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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Lichfield tent?

Lichfield knows about tents and what makes the camping experience luxurious, fun and enjoyable. Rising from the Lichfield brand is a new capsule collection of tents which embraces the freedom of the open country. on the colour palette of the birds of prey that they are named after.

How much space does a porch take up in a tent?

The porch takes up almost half of the tent: while the tent sits on a 18.9 sqm footprint, the porch takes up 7.9 square metres (39%). And, contrary to some of the other tents detailed in this post, this is the actual area covered by the canopy and the area measured on the footprint.

What is intelligent frame relief on a tent?

Furthermore, the Intelligent Frame relief, a pressure relief valve on each beam ensures the tents cannot be over inflated, and release air when the tubes expand in differentiating weather conditions. How do inflatable tents work?

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