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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LG UHD TV?

It's Epic. LG UHD TVs combine 4K picture quality with an incredibly large screen to deliver an all-new level of immersion. Our Quad Core Processor 4K gives you a smooth, crisp viewing experience with enhanced contrast, color and blacks. Control your smart home theater with ease.

Is the LG up8000 a good 4K TV?

The LG UP8000 is an okay budget 4k TV. It replaces 2020's LG UN7300 and UN8500, and like its predecessors, it also uses an ADS panel, which performs much like an IPS panel. This means it has wide viewing angles so that you don't lose image accuracy when viewing from the side but a low contrast ratio that makes blacks appear gray in the dark.

What is the difference between LG up8000 and LG Gx OLED?

The LG UP8000 and the LG GX OLED are very different TVs. The UP8000 is a budget IPS TV, while the GX is a high-end OLED. For the most part, the GX performs better. It delivers better picture quality due to its higher contrast ratio, wider color gamut, and faster response times.

Does the LG up8000 interpolate?

The LG UP8000 can interpolate low frame rate content up to 60Hz to make motion look more fluid, also known as the 'Soap Opera Effect'. It works fine in slow scenes, but as soon as the action gets intense, there are a lot of artifacts, including some tearing and stuttering.

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