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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is lbs the abbreviation for pounds?

Why Does lbs stand for Pounds? We use lbs to stand for pounds because lbs is the abbreviation of the old Latin word libra, which was the Roman word for mass. This is the simple answer, but the real question is why have we have continued to use it to this day.

What does lbs mean in weight?

The word "pound" is short for "pound weight," which was libra pondo in Latin. The libra part of the phrase meant both weight or balance scales. The Latin usage was shortened to libra, which naturally was abbreviated "lb." We adopted the pound part from pondo, yet kept the abbreviation for libra .

How heavy is 70 pounds?

Seventy pounds is about 28kg and is heavy which is a bit heavy to lift and carry. When you think of this weight, you have to consider medium-sized things. You should also know the weight of something is affected by the material used to make it.

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