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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Kupang yellow belly fish be kept in groups?

The Kupang Yellow Belly is a perfect damsel for adding great color to your tank. They can be kept in small groups, however best to add them simultaneously due to their territorial behavior.

What is the population of the city of Kupang?

Kupang is a multi-ethnic city composed of the ethnic groups of West Timor, the nearby islands of Rote, Savu and Flores, a small ethnic Chinese community, and immigrants from Ambon and from other parts of Indonesia. Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Indonesia for 2019, the population of Kupang was 434,972.

What type of climate does Kupang have?

Under the Köppen climate classification, Kupang has a tropical savanna climate ( Aw ). Unlike many cities with this climate, Kupang's temperature varies little between the summer season (October to March) and the winter season (April to September).

When did Kupang become part of the United States?

The city, along with the state of East Indonesia was later annexed into the United States of Indonesia in 1949, which was replaced by the current Republic of Indonesia in 1950. The city later became an important location in the Timorese conflict. In 1967, the city became the seat of the Diocese of Kupang.

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