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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable keyboard shortcuts?

Enable Keyboard Shortcut. To enable a keyboard shortcut after you’ve disabled/unset it, open VLC’s preferences. Go to the Hotkeys tab and in the list of shortcuts, double-click the one you want to enable again. When the dialog box opens, type the shortcut you want to set.

What are the most common keyboard shortcuts?

Common Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys For Windows F1: Open the Help page F2: Rename the file (e.g., file in Windows Explorer) F3: Find or search F4: Shows the address bar in browser F5: Refreshes the current browser page F6: Moves to a different panel or screen element in a window or the desktop

What is the keyboard shortcut to open Microsoft Edge?

Keyboard Shortcuts of Microsoft Edge Browser. Serial Number – Keyboard Shortcut – Description. ALT + F4 – Shut down the current running window like Spartan. ALT + S – Go to address bar. ALT + Space bar – Launches system menu. ALT + Space bar + C – Shutdown Spartan. ALT + Space bar + M With the arrow keys move Spartan window.

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