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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the default keyboard on the Galaxy S6?

All available keyboards are shown under Keyboards and Input Methods. To change the keyboard that shows up by default in any text or input form, tap on Default Keyboard and select from the available keyboards. For even more Galaxy S6 articles, check out our Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips & Tricks Roundup

How do I restore the original settings on my Tab S6?

To restore the original settings on your Tab S6 Samsung Keyboard, you can use the Reset to default settings command. All recent changes you’ve made to the Samsung Keyboard settings will then be erased and the default values are restored. The reset keyboard command is listed at the lower section of the Samsung Keyboard menu.

How do I change the keyboard view on my Samsung Galaxy?

Or, you can navigate to Settings, and then tap General management. Tap Samsung Keyboard settings, and then tap Mode. Standard keyboard: This is the normal keyboard view, with your phone's on-screen keyboard stretched to fill the main screen. One-handed keyboard: This mode shifts the keyboard to the right side of the screen.

Does the Galaxy Tab S6 have a built-in keyboard?

The built-in on-screen keyboard on the Galaxy Tab S6 and other Samsung devices are intentionally schemed to meet individual user’s preferences when typing messages or documents. That said, the on-screen keyboard on your tablet sports various customization features and settings for you to customize according to your needs.

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