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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 65% keyboard layout?

The 65% keyboard layout is a compact layout that came from the full-sized keyboard layout but eliminates some keys like number pad, function keys, and a few home keys. The 65% keyboards have 66 to 68 keys with which you can have almost all the functionalities like a full-sized keyboard. Here, is a great 65% keyboard at Amazon.

What is the difference between a 65% and 60% keyboard?

The 65% keyboard trades off some things in order to fit in the arrow keys, and this is its only disadvantage when compared to the 60% form factor.

What is the 1800 keyboard layout?

1800 keyboard layouts are technically full-sized since none of the keys are omitted, just rearranged and condensed. The navigation keys are stacked above the number pad, and the entire cluster is shifted closer to the main set of alphanumeric keys with the arrow keys wedged in between.

What is the best keyboard layout for You?

A 65% keyboard is best for those that enjoy the compact layout of a 60% keyboard, but still require dedicated arrow keys. With only 1 additional row of keys, it’s still a very small and clean layout that works well on minimalist desk setups or for those who are short on space without compromising on functionality.

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