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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an reading log?

Reading log, as previously mentioned, is likened to that of a diary or a journal where you can record all of the books, articles, and the like that you have read. It is also like a note that reminds you of details about what you have read, when you have read it, and how many pages you have read.

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Should I keep a reading log?

Usually, reading logs are given in school as an assignment, but you can definitely keep one for personal purposes especially if you are a very forgetful person but you would also like to have something to help you remember the books or any printed materials that you have read. You may also like printable workout log examples.

Why is my teacher asking me to review my reading log?

Since it’s an assigned reading log, your teacher might have specific reading assignments. If you have effectively accomplished the first one, which is to make sure that you have reviewed and understood your reading assignment, then this would not be any much of a problem.

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