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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joker's stash [dot]Su?

In contrast, the fake version of Joker’s Stash — jokersstash [dot]su — exists on the clear Web and displays a list of “trusted” Joker’s Stash domains that can be used to get on the impostor marketplace.

How to register on Joker's stash online?

The steps to log in and to register on Joker's Stash online website are given below: After logging into website, the next step is about registration procedure to get yourself proper joker stash registration.

What happened to 'JokerStash'?

In a message board post on a Russian-language underground cybercrime forum, the operator of the site — who goes by the name "JokerStash" — said "it's time for us to leave forever" and that "we will never ever open again," according to twin reports from cybersecurity firms Gemini Advisory and Intel471. "Joker goes on a well-deserved retirement.

What is the orderjoker's stash and who is the founder?

Joker's Stash was launched in 2014, with its anonymous founder "JokerStash" - which could be one or more people - posting messages in both Russian and English, Elliptic said. It was available on the regular web and via the darknet, which hosts marketplaces selling contraband.

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