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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Java backend development – live course?

The course will be mentored and guided by an Industry expert having hands-on experience in the design, development & maintenance of Java (Spring / Spring Boot) based web applications. The JAVA Backend Development – Live Course will be an online live class program – hence you would be able to attend the classes from any geographical location.

What is a web backend course?

This course is a selection of material from our larger Web Development course. This course presents an overview of a variety of Web backend topics: handling user input, producing templated output, storing information in databases and data stores, and building systems with secure user accounts.

Is back-end web development a good career?

Back-end web development can be a lucrative career with many prospects opening up as you continue to rack up valuable experience. Here is what you might expect to earn in your career as a Java developer: Salaries will vary depending on your location or the location of your employer. What are my job prospects?

What does a backend developer do?

As a backend developer, you’ll design, build, and maintain a scalable “behind-the-scenes” infrastructure to support the user interfaces and user experiences built by frontend developers. We jointly developed our Backend Development curriculum with Amazon, so with our course, you’ll gain the in-demand skills to join this exciting field, faster.

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