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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ISA mission in the US Army?

ISA mission was to support Special Operations Forces (primarily 1st SFOD-D and DEVGRU) in counter-terrorist operations and other special operations units. The ISA would provide actionable intelligence collection, pathfinding, and operational support.

What is the meaning of the ISA logo?

The ISA logo looks highly similar to a commonly-used symbol in other games. It most resembles a sideways version of the symbol from the Marathon game series or the Tau symbol from the Warhammer 40,000 franchise. It most likely represents the relationship between Earth and the colonies, imaged by how the Moon "Revolves around the Earth".

Who are the ISA operators?

The ISA also has a direct action arm comprised of men and women recruited from the US Army Delta Force, Army Special Forces, 75th Ranger Regiment, Army Intelligence, and Army Civil Affairs. The unit's Female operators mainly come from Military Intelligence and Civil Affairs backgrounds.

Is the ISA a real unit?

Its portrayal in the show may differ significantly from its real-world counterpart. The U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) is a special operations unit that collects "actionable" intelligence in preparation for activities by other special operations units, particularly those related to counter-terrorism missions.

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