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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Isa provide logos to its members?

ISA provides logos to our members and credential holders that identify them as dedicated, professional arborists. Consistent use of the logos throughout the industry helps reinforce the ISA brand to the public and within the profession.

What is the ISA brand reveal video?

A new and modernized ISA website will also be launched to coincide with the event. Watch brand reveal video here. The ISA brand reveal video showcases the new logo with a series of key messages that embody the core values of the ISA and its mission, which include joy, youth, culture, progression, passion, lifestyle, and teaching, among others.

Why become an ISA member?

By becoming an ISA member, you will benefit—in technical knowledge, career and skills development, shared experiences and successes, and lasting friendship and belonging—from an association that has represented the needs and interests of automation and control professionals since its inception in 1945.

What does Isa stand for?

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has today launched an updated logo and brand identity system in preparation for surfing’s debut as an Olympic sport this summer at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

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