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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check on the status of my license application?

To enter CLASS and check on the status of your application, click the applicable link for Individuals or for Business Entities below. CLASS for Individuals enables you to check the status of your license applications and view a list of the documents received by CDI.

How do I Check my agent or broker's license status?

Check License Status. We have a couple of ways you can use to look up and view full details available for an agent or broker. If you know the license number you may use our license number search: Direct search by License Number. If you only have the name of your agent or broker, you can search by name to find the license number:

How to become an insurance agent in California?

Step 1. Which Insurance Licenses Do You Need? The first step to getting your CA insurance license is choosing which licenses you need. The most common licenses new insurance agents get are the property & casualty license (P&C) , life and health insurance license (L&H).

How do I register for the California Insurance License Exam?

To register for the California Insurance License Exam in a PSI Exam Site, visit PSI Exams – California and choose the CA PSI Site and the exam title you wish to take. You also have the option to take your exam with no convenience fee at a CDI Exam Site. The fee for each attempt of the exams is $55, for each “combined producer exam ” (P&C and L&H).

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