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Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance companies are cheaper?

Erie is the cheapest insurance company, and arguably the most reliable insurance company as well. They score points by allowing customers to start their quote online, which we personally found to be a streamlined and fast process. Erie also scored the highest marks from the number of policies they offer.

Which insurance companies are publicly traded?

Publicly Traded Life Insurance Companies. Many of the large-cap companies are among some of the largest insurance companies in the world and many of these companies are also engaged in asset management. Examples of these companies include China Life Insurance (LFC), Lincoln National (LNC), MetLife (MET) and Prudential Financial (PRU).

Do insurance companies share claim information?

Auto insurance companies do not share information directly but all information is shared. Insurance companies report incidents to a data base which is then accessed by insurance companies when needed. For example you have an at-fault auto accident and your rates go up.

What is Utah title insurance?

Title insurance protects both the lender and the buyer. In Utah, the buyer must purchase a title insurance policy for the lender in the amount of the loan, and the seller purchases a policy for the buyer. Title fees include costs for recording, notary and couriers.

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