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Frequently Asked Questions

What is agency marketing services?

Agency Marketing Services, Inc., a wholesale brokerage facility, provides agency marketing services in the United States.

What is an Exclusive Insurance Agency?

Exclusive Agency System. An insurance distribution system that allows agents to sell and service insurance contracts that limit representation to one insurer and reserve to the insurer the ownership, use and control of policy records and expiration date.

What is a virtual insurance agency?

Virtual Insurance Agency. The VIA solves all of these hurdles through professional management (with VIA owners serving on the Boards of Directors), a mega-merger of agencies, satisfying carriers that the consolidation is permanent and centralized processing and servicing, saving substantial amounts of expense for each member agency.

What is agency insurance company?

An insurance agent is a person who works for an insurance company and sells the insurance products of this company. An important aspect of working with an agent is that he / she sells insurance products of one company only, and thus is typically not able and not interested to compare prices and features of other products on the market.

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