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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insta stories?

Instagram is one of the best social media services that continuously improves itself and makes the application more usable. Instagram or Insta stories feature is relatively new, but the feature is already one of the most common elements on Instagram. You can add any photo or video to your story and apply filters, music, questions, etc.

How to download Instagram stories or Story Archive?

Download instagram stories or story archive (#highlights) 1. Enter Instagram user name and click download button 2. Select current story or highlights this page 3. After click " Save as " button for save your Pc,Phone or Mac Get Started Questions & Answers ❓ How can I download stories from Instagram?

How to download Instagram reels story?

Go to Instagram Story Downloader page, and paste the link of the story / highlight OR if you want to download Instagram story with username write the username on the box to save the story. All the stories and highlights will show up now, choose the one you want to download and click on the download button. Instagram Reels Video Downloader

How can I view Instagram stories anonymously?

You can use our Instagram Stories and Highlights downloading service to download and view stories and highlights of public profiles anonymously. Unfortunately, there's no way of viewing the stories posted by private accounts anonymously.

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