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Frequently Asked Questions

How to send DM on Instagram from PC?

Send Instagram DM using Windows If you have a device supporting windows operating service, you can download the free official version of Instagram from Microsoft online store. Installing this application, you can easily send direct messages using your PC. Follow the steps below to send a direct message on your PC:

What is Instagram auto DM Bot and how it works?

Instagram auto DM bot gives you the chance to upload photo or videos and write a message to be sent automatically to all your new followers. What are the Advantages of Instagram Auto DM bot? Interacting with Instagram users has an essential role in increasing the number of Instagram followers.

How to answer 24/7 on DM Instagram?

No need to check chat constantly and repeat the same info. Your customers will instantly receive prefab answers depending on labels. Put private comments on chats with clients, add private info: phone number, email, address, and other client data available in DM Instagram. Get Started! You’re automatically answering 24/7 now!

How to activate direct message on Instagram?

To activate Direct message online, pass the following path: 1. Add your Instagram account on left side of your dashboard (Note! if your Instagram account has 2 step verification, please delete the second one to be able to add your account) 2.

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