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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some facts about classical music?

Classical music has a reputation for being very straight-edged and clean-cut, with images of men in wigs and floofy collars. Not quite. The Quartet for the End of Time, one of the greatest works in the classical music canon, was written by Olivier Messiaen while interned in a Nazi prison camp during WW2.

Why is classical music unpopular?

This renders classical music unpopular with most teenagers and many young adults that are averse to rejection. The remaining minority that enjoys classical music does it in secret, contributing therefore to the perpetration of misjudgment of classical music and the underestimation of its actual popularity.

Why do we listen to "classical music"?

10 Reasons Why People Should Listen to Classical Music Decrease stress levels. ... Boost brainpower. ... Improve the quality of sleep. ... Better your physical performance. ... Learn more about your personality. ... Help process traumatic experiences. ... Discover your hidden musical talent. ... Ease chronic pain. ... Improve memory and prevent degeneration. ... Help your heart. ...

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