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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an army insider threat?

The United States Department of Defense's definition of an insider threat: An insider threat is defined as someone who uses his or her authorized access to damage the national security of the United States, whether through espionage, terrorism, unauthorized disclosures of classified information, or other harmful actions.

What is a DoD insider threat?

DOD defines an insider threat as the threat that an insider will use her or his authorized access, wittingly or unwittingly, to do harm to the security of the United States. House report 113-446 included a provision that GAO review DOD's antiterrorism and force protection efforts to address insider threats.

What is an example of an insider threat?

Insider threats, to include sabotage, theft, espionage, fraud, and. competitive advantage are often carried out through abusing access rights, theft of materials, and. mishandling physical devices. Insiders do not always act alone and may not be aware they are aiding a. threat actor (i.e. the unintentional insider threat ).

What is Insider Threat Assessment?

Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) The Insider Threat Vulnerability Assessment (ITVA) method used by Tanager evaluates an organization’s preparedness to prevent, detect, and respond to insider threats. The ITVA long-term purpose is to assist organizations in reducing exposure to damage from potential insider threats.

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