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Frequently Asked Questions

What is innroad University program?

The innRoad University Program aims to provide you with the real life experience of using a hotel management system. Such goal is achieved by gradually developing your knowledge and skills through the completion of the exercises and assignments.

How do I update my browser on my innroad account?

Click on one of the icons below to download and install a supported browser. Please contact innRoad support with any If you'd like to update your browser at a later time, you can continue to log into your account below. Please enter a valid client code. Please enter a valid user id.

What do you like most about innroad?

Most importantly, innRoad is constantly improving their functionality and updating the system. Reliable and comprehensive system that integrates connections to take reservations from third party reservation systems. We haven’t encountered any over/under booking issues.

Why choose innroad property management system?

And with a cloud-based property management system, you can access your PMS anywhere, anytime. innRoad partners with the leading names in hospitality to ensure our properties get more bookings, save money and streamline operations. Get a personalized demo to see how we can grow your business!

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