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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do employers need to use employment applications?

Smart employers use an application for employment that is filled out by every candidate for a particular job. Employers worldwide use the application to gather consistent data about prospective employees . The format for resumes and cover letters changes from person to person and each candidate's approach to these documents is notably different.

How does indeed work for employers?

Indeed is an interface which allows a job seeker and an employer to meet. How does that work. The website uses web crawler to find all top search results of jobs posted by various employers. This data is then shown on their website and it directly refers you to the web page of the career section of the employer.

What does employer mean on a job application?

An employment application (also referred to as a job application) is the official document that an employer will ask applicants (job seekers) to fill-out during the employment process. An employment application can filled-out online or off, in paper format.

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