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Frequently Asked Questions

How do they get satellites up in space?

All satellites are launched to space and into their orbit by hitching a ride on a rocket or on the Space Shuttle, where they are placed inside the cargo bay. There are also countries and large corporations that have their own rocket launch facilities, so they can easily send their own satellites into orbit.

What do we use satellites for in space?

Satellites are part of daily life, used for communications, weather forecasting, navigation, observing land, sea and air, other scientific research, and military reconnaissance. Hundreds of men and women have lived and worked aboard manned satellites -- space shuttles and space stations -- in Earth orbit.

What does a satellite do in space?

A satellite is an object which has been sent into space in order to collect information or to be part of a communications system. Satellites move continually round the Earth or around another planet. The rocket launched two communications satellites.

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