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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Arab Bank?

Arab Bank headquartered in Amman, Jordan has one of the largest global Arab banking networks with over 600 branches spanning five continents.

How to access Islamic International Arab banks internet banking service?

To access Islamic International Arab Banks Internet Banking Service, use the Logon button on the homepage of your Country website. Never follow a link received by email to access the Internet Banking Service. Whenever you log on to Internet Banking, verify the last access date & time displayed.

What is “Arabi access” feature in Arab Bank?

View Accounts & Credit Cards summary and enjoy a unified view for all your accounts across Arab Bank plc branches,via a single screen in real time through “Arabi Access” feature. View / Save / Print Electronic Account & Card Statements.

What is Arabi Islami IIAB pay?

IIAB Pay : Fast |Easy |Secure Arabi Islami IIAB Pay is a modern contactless payment bundle that contains Wearables, E-sticker, and all Arabi Islami Contactless debit and credit cards. Read More "Sumu" Saving Account for Kids

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