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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IFMs stand for?

Issue 2.7 was published on Oct. 17, 2022. The Integrated Food Management System (IFMS) replaces the legacy, Automated Inventory System (AIS) to support the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR). IFMS consolidates food distribution transactions into a seamless, easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

What are the requirements for IFMs?

IFMS is a cloud-based application that requires the following: Internet-capable computers with a mouse or a similar device are recommended at each location for customer registration, inventory management, and store-concept issuance checkout. *This is a reduction from the previous requirement of 10 mb/s.

What are the benefits of IFMs?

IFMS offers more effective issuance of food in compliance with FDPIR policies as well as real-time inventory maintenance at program facilities. Access to IFMS is role-based and organization-based, supporting cross-functional capabilities within and between tribal organizations.

What is the IFMs mobile app?

The IFMS mobile app is under development. This streamlined version of IFMS will allow ITOs to conduct food distribution at tailgate sites. A soft launch is planned in November with two pilot ITOs. An updated video tutorials are now available for Store Model Issuance . No login is required to view videos.

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