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What is the current volcanic activity at Mount Etna?

Etna's current activity consists of continuous summit degassing, explosive Strombolian eruptions, and frequent basaltic lava flows. Ash clouds from the explosive eruptions are especially hazardous to aircraft, since ash that is pulled into a jet engine can melt, coat moving parts with a layer of glass,...

How dangerous is the Etna volcano in Sicily?

Etna has also produced pyroclastic flows, ashfalls, and mudflows, but the lava flows are the most immediately hazardous type of activity, especially to the city of Catania.

How was Operation Volcano Buster used to stop the Etna volcano?

During the 1992 attempt, the United States Marines worked with Italian volcanologists to develop "Operation Volcano Buster", in which they used explosives to blast a hole in a lava tunnel on Etna's flank and then dropped large blocks of concrete into the hole to try and stem the flow of the lava.

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