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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the HP warranty site?

The HP warranty site seams to have changed, removing the serial number from the query URL, rendering my previous lookup script useless and making a new one a bit difficult.

How do I check the warranty status of my server?

You cannot determine the server warranty status without the serial number as its the only unique identifier on the hardware, The serial number of your server would be present in an Asset Tag that can be pulled from the front of of the server. Once you have the serial number , you may check the warranty status from the below link

Does device42 support warranty check for HP?

As an aside, Device42's Warranty and Service tag auto-discovery now supports warranty checking for HP, Dell, Lenovo, and IBM. Please sign in to leave a comment.

What is the serial number of my HP product?

Every HP product has a unique identifying number called a serial number. You need to know the serial number when working with support, servicing the product, or determining if the product is still under warranty. Every HP computer has a serial number on the surface of the computer.

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