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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Music bot for discord?

For Discord, Octave is one of the most common music bots, and with good reason. The Octave bot lets you play any song on your voice channel that is available on YouTube or Soundcloud. You can also create playlists and add or repeat tracks, pause, and queue songs to them.

Can you add bots to discord?

Some bots, such as Pokécord, encourage members of the server to capture Pokémon while talking on the server, but when it comes to adding bots to discord, only the sky’s the limit. Where to find bots? Bots can be obtained in two forms that are feasible.

How do I unlock the octave premium?

You can unlock the Octave premium by pledging either $5 or $10 a month to your patron. One of the coolest Discord Bots around is IdleRPG. It adds to your server the excitement of a text-based roleplay game. You can build a character of your own, go on missions, buy and sell items, combat, enter guilds, connect with gods, and marry other players.

What are some fun commands to do with the bot?

This prevents the command from being misused. The bot also has many commands that take a members profile picture and edits it and send it back like .trash and .wanted There are some fun commands like .ask that give you a yes or no answer for any question that you ask.

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