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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hothotel effectiveness?

Hotel Effectiveness is the only company that provides real-time labor monitoring, scheduling and time & attendance designed specifically for hotels. We are experts in all areas of hotel staffing, labor management, employee scheduling and payroll processing.

How hothotel effectiveness reduces labor costs?

Hotel Effectiveness REDUCES labor costs by 5% to 15% by aligning staffing plans and schedules perfectly to business needs. With perfect labor costs, hotel owners and managers can eliminate the excess costs created by overstaffing, overtime, and overuse of contract labor.

Who is a hotel professional?

They are hotel professionals who get the hotel business. Our solutions save hoteliers time and money by automating labor management and providing real-time visibility into labor efficiency benchmarked against the industry and competitors. WE HELP IMPROVE GOP AND NOI, WITHOUT SACRIFICING THE GUEST EXPERIENCE.

What are the components of a hotel management system?

Hotel Scheduling, Hotel Labor Management, Hotel Operations, Hotel Software, Hotel Time & Attendance, Hotel Time Clocks, Hotel Cost Control, Hotel NOI, Hotel GOP, Hotel Gross Operating Profit, Hotel Net Operating Income, Hotel Overtime Costs, Hotel Labor Costs, Hotel Payroll Costs, and hoteliers

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