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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a hopper window?

A hopper window is a single style window similar to a casement window in that they both are hinged for opening, rather than slide open. It is hinged on the bottom and opens inward from the top.

What is a hopper window?

According to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, the hopper window definition includes windows with movable sashes that openinward. The hinge is on the bottom, and they make excellent windows for bathroom or basement installations. Since the windowpane tilts upward, it stops debris from blowing into your house.

What is a hopper vent window?

hopper vent. hopper light. 1. A window sash which opens inward and is hinged at the bottom; when open, air passes over the top of the sash; also called hopper vent or hopper ventilator.

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