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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the hopper app legit?

To answer your question, the Hopper App is NOT trustworthy. They need to update their FAQ topic, "Is booking with Hopper safe?" (, with a big fat no. Booking with Hopper is a gamble at best, and sometimes you may even be charged 3x the listed fare on the app.

How reliable is Hopper?

Hopper’s claim to fame is that it can predict the right time to book a flight with up to 95% accuracy. To do this, Hopper has a team that developed an algorithm to analyze the millions of data points they collect every day. The algorithm looks at pricing trends to predict what flight prices will do.

Does Hopper HQ have a mobile app?

As well as a fully optimised mobile site, easily accessible from any device, Hopper HQ also has a native iOS app available on the Apple app store. Using Hopper HQ for iOS you can easily plan and schedule on the go!

Is booking with Hopper safe?

Is booking with Hopper safe and trustworthy? Booking with Hopper is quick, easy, and secure. These flights are real. These prices are real. There are no hidden fees or gotcha charges. Most importantly, we are an accredited travel agency, which means there are real humans behind Hopper who can help you with your booking. Your privacy, trust and security are extremely important to us at Hopper.

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