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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hopper a reliable app?

Yes! I book all of my flights through hopper and have never had any problems. They have an option for travel insurance as well, which personally I always invest in just in case. Definitely the best app for flights and tracking flights I’ve come across. I’ve used it a handful of times. Prices line up with Google flights most times, if not better.

Is Hopper a legit website?

Hopper has a consumer rating of 4.12 stars from 4,140 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Hopper most frequently mention great app, best prices and round trip. Hopper ranks 1st among Mobile Applications sites.

Is Hopper reliable for flights?

Therefore, Hopper remains my to go travel app. I have used Hopper for years and the service and offerings are dependable with steller customer service. This is a service that I have used for national and international travel. Hopper is reliable and the customer care follows you before, during and after your trip.

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