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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the heel come from?

heel (n.1) "back of the foot," Old English hela, from Proto-Germanic *hanhilon (source also of Old Norse hæll, Old Frisian hel, Dutch hiel), from PIE *kenk-(3) "heel, bend of the knee" (source also of Old English hoh "hock").. Meaning "back of a shoe or boot" is c. 1400. Down at heels (1732) refers to heels of boots or shoes worn down and the owner too poor to replace them.

How many bones are in the heel?

To that end, The Bone & Joint Centre offers a breakthrough procedure called the Arthroscopic Brostrum-Gould, which is a keyhole ankle ligament repair technique. According to Dr Koo, this technique requires only a 2mm to 3mm incision, in contrast to a 2cm to 3cm one using the traditional method.

What is the anatomy of the heel?

What is the anatomy of the heel? In humans the heel consists of the calcaneus (largest of the tarsal bones), cushioned below by a bursal sac, fat pad, and thickened skin. The calcaneus is roughly rectangular, articulating above with the talus bone of the ankle joint and in front with the cuboid, another tarsal bone.

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