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Frequently Asked Questions

What are over the ear headphones called?

If you mean around ear headphones, like most studio monitors, they are called circumaural. If you mean the ones that wrap around the back of your head, they are behind the head. One name refers to the position of the drivers and ear cups, while the other refers to the style of wear.

How do I play through Bluetooth headphones?

Go to your bluetooth devices, see an entry for your headset, right click, properties, services tab and make sure headset option is selected. After all these, right click volume icon, playback devices and you should find an entry for the connected bluetooth headset. Set that as default and you're good to go!

Does FM radio work with Bluetooth headphones?

If you plug in the headset while the bluetooth is active, the headset takes over; if you active the bluetooth while the headset is plugged in, the bluetooth takes over. Therefore, in order to make FM radio work, disconnect your bluetooth , plugin your headset as antenna, then connect your bluetooth, open radio, woolaa

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