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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Haven's mission?

HAVEN seeks to eliminate domestic violence and sexual assault across Oakland County and the surrounding communities by empowering survivors through advocacy and social change. Learn more about HAVEN's mission HAVEN has helped domestic violence and sexual assault victims and their families escape abuse and create safer lives for over 40 years.

What is a safe haven?

A haven is also a harbor or port. In other words, it’s a place for a ship or other seagoing vehicle to dock safely or take refuge in during a storm. Haven appears in the phrase safe haven. A safe haven is a safe place for someone or something who is threatened.

What is an example of a haven?

For example, something can be a haven for a person (like your bedroom might be), for a particular behavior (as in a haven for corruption), or for a belief or religion. A haven can be a place safe from something negative or dangerous or a place safe for something negative or dangerous. A haven is also a harbor or port.

Is Haven a good restaurant?

Rated "very good" by the New York Times and awarded 3 stars by NJ Monthly Magazine, HAVEN has received widespread critical acclaim for its masterful, innovative twists on some of the most popular modern American dishes created by Chef Angel Andino.… For party reservation, is there a Prix Fixe menu option? How much?

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