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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a wholesale greenhouse business do?

This Wholesale Greenhouse business has operated for decades and specializes in high-quality, hard-to-grow items. The enterprise ships millions of perennials, herbs, grasses and wildflowers to garden centers, landscapers, mail-order firms, botanic gardens, parks and zoos throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Are there any hemp grow greenhouses for sale in Nebraska?

Listing ID: 41093-22574 Nebraska hemp grow greenhouses for sale, cannabis property for sale Nebraska Licensed hemp grow facility in Nebraska is prime location for cannabis production The Western Farms greenhouse facility in downtown Scottsbluff, Nebraska is offered for sale.

How many crops can a greenhouse produce?

This business holds a unique patent for allowing greenhouses to produce 4 to 5 crops annually versus one!

What is the target market for a greenhouse nursery?

This west suburban greenhouse nursery and garden center started in 70's and specializes in home-grown annuals, perennials, planters, vegetables, herbs, and more. The target markets are primarily local and high-end residential consumers.

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